Dubai is a growing area, and there are thousands of small-scale to very large-scale construction projects that are starting up and continuing in the city. Each of these projects has its potential risks for conflicts and disagreements, which can result in delays, possible civil lawsuits and other types of problems that can be very costly to all involved.

For the property owner as well as for the construction contractors and companies, working with a construction lawyer in the early stages of the project can be very helpful in preventing small issues from causing problems.

Contracts and Agreements

Often, despite being very large projects, a significant amount of construction in Dubai is done by verbal agreement between the property owner and the contractors. This can work out well, but it can also end up in disputes if there is miscommunication and misunderstanding and nothing is in writing.

By working with a construction lawyer to develop clear, precise language in the contracts, there is less risk of a problem occurring. Additionally, if there are a misunderstanding, the lawyer can often work directly with the property owner as well as the contractor to resolve the conflict and allow the project to continue.

Liability and Risk Assessment

Understanding the potential liability and having a good understanding of the risk assessment for the project is also a service the construction lawyer can provide. Their expertise in understanding potential risks in a project and being able to make recommendations to limit liability to the property owner will be essential as a proactive measure.

In addition, these specialized lawyers will be able to provide information on public/private partnerships, contract negotiations with suppliers and vendors, zoning and planning issues as well as any potential issues with employment law or compliance issues on the job. Click here for more information.