Hire An Attorney To Fight The Social Security Disability Office If Benefits Have Been Denied

Social Security disability law covers benefits given to those with disabilities. The SSA (Social Security Administration) supervises the distribution of benefits and sets eligibility requirements. SS benefits are given in the form of a monthly payment to help those who cannot hold a job due to a disabling condition. In this article, readers will learn who may receive disability payments, the factors that go into determining eligibility, and how an attorney can fight a Social Security Disability Office to help a disabled worker get the benefits to which they are entitled.

Who Can Receive Disability?

A person’s eligibility for SS benefits is determined in multiple ways. First, the SSA has a list of conditions that automatically qualify one for benefits including heart disease, mental illness, and brain damage. If a person has a condition that isn’t on the list, the SSA must determine how it affects the person’s ability to work. In most cases, a person whose disability doesn’t substantially affect their ability to perform job duties can’t get benefits, but one whose activities are limited may be eligible.

Other Factors to be Considered

Eligibility for Social Security disability benefits may depend on additional factors like the five listed below.

     *     The person’s age at the onset of disability

     *     The nature of the condition

     *     The relationship between the disability and the person’s job

     *     Other conditions

     *     Whether disability is partial or total

Finally, the determination of a benefit amount can vary by case, and it depends on a thorough evaluation of the factors listed above. In some cases, a person may be able to get disability coverage through an employer. Consult a disability attorney for help in getting one’s rightful benefits.

Do Disabled Workers Need an Attorney’s Help With a Social Security Disability Case?

Today’s disability laws involve complex calculations where eligibility requirements are concerned. If one does not understand how disability laws work, they may need to hire an expert who can interpret what Social Security Disability Office says. Moreover, if a person has a legal dispute that involves employment law or disability in general, a lawyer can offer legal advice and strategy. Lawsuits concerning Social Security disability typically require the help of the Law Offices of Sara J. Frankel & Associates PC. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.