Get The Advice You Need From Child Custody Attorneys In Lakeway, TX

Receiving information from friends and family might sound like a great idea until things fall apart. Laws are constantly changing, and following advice from someone who was involved in a child custody dispute ten or 20 years ago could cause serious consequences. The best time to talk to child custody attorneys Lakeway, TX is before a situation gets out of hand and before decisions are made that will affect a person’s life forever.

Understanding the law and knowing what a court will or will not accept is important and knowledge every parent needs. A parent who does not know the law or the situations that can affect their case will be consumed in fear, and the lack of the truth. Courts prefer as little conflict as possible, and the attorney will help a parent through this difficult time in their life.

Modifying A Custody Order

If a parent has a current custody order they’d like to change, a parent should know the courts prefer at least three years between court orders to change a child custody order. The circumstances must have substantially changed since the original custody order was put in place. If a child is at least twelve years old and wants the custody order changed, the court will entertain the motion.

Negotiating a child custody order right the first time is very important. Although parents can agree on the custody, the wording of the custody order should protect the parents and the children. Designation of a primary custodian or joint custody is important if one parent refuses to return the child. Child Custody Attorneys Lakeway TX can discuss this with the parent to determine the best way to pursue an agreement or modification.

Child Support

In certain situation, child support might be reduced when one parent has the child more of the time than the other. Careful consideration is given to the situation by the judge before removing money from a parent who is paying child support or receiving child support. The law firm of Margaglione Law PLLC has years of experience successfully helping parents navigate the child custody battles that can occur when a marriage fails.