When a couple divorces, there is sometimes confusion over who will have to pay child support? While child support can be voluntarily paid, the courts must often get involved to establish how much a parent will be required to pay. It is important people fully understand the child support law in Cedar Rapids, IA. If a parent is not paying the amount of child support they should, it can be helpful for the custodial parent to seek a lawyer.

There are several issues one should consider when hiring a lawyer for child support.

• It is important paternity has been fully established to ensure there are no issues in pursuing child support.

• One will need to consider whether or not they will need court intervention so they can have a court order for child support.

• If a parent is having trouble with enforcement, they need to be aware of their options for ensuring the child support is paid.

• Parents will need to sit down together and see if they can agree to a child support payment agreement.

• A person needs to ensure they understand how child support will affect their finances and taxes.

• A lawyer will need to help a client understand how the court will determine what the non-custodial parent pays in child support.

When one hires a lawyer to help them pursue child support, the lawyer will need as much information on the non-custodial parent as possible. If the parent is attempting to evade child support, the lawyer will work with an investigative team to learn where the person lives and where they work. In some cases, wage garnishment is needed to ensure payments are made on time as they are ordered.

If needed, a lawyer can help with the pursuit of a court date so the non-custodial parent can be brought before the judge and be ordered to pay child support. The lawyer may also insist the child’s medical needs are taken care of by that parent.

If you are a parent who is not receiving the child support your child needs, allow a lawyer to help you understand how child support law in Cedar Rapids, IA works. To schedule your appointment, contact the law office of Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek, PLC today.