Following the Helpful Advice of a Father’s Rights Lawyer in Gilbert, AZ

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for stay-at-home mothers to receive full custody of the children following a divorce. This often left the father paying most of the bills and receiving little time with their children through limited visitations. However, women today don’t automatically get full custody of their children. While the courts still favor them, there are things that a father can do to make the custody arrangements a bit more equitable. Often times, a good place to start is the hiring of a father’s rights lawyer in Gilbert, AZ.

A father’s rights lawyer at the law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C., for example, will advocate for their client in the best way they possibly can. However, these lawyers will also be a wellspring of advice that can help strengthen the chances of a father getting a more equitable custody arrangement. In essence, much of hiring a lawyer will be listening to their advice and doing what they say not just in the courtroom, but out of the courtroom as well.

For example, if a father wants to increase his chances of getting a more equitable custody arrangement, it will be important for the father to not move out of the house that their children are living in. In some situations, this may be legally necessary. However, if possible, staying in the home and presenting a united front for the children can help the courts make a more equitable custody arrangement.

In addition, if the father does move out, they should reside in an adequate sized, well-kept residence. Whether it’s a rental house or an apartment, having a safe and inviting place for children to come will also be taken into consideration by the courts. Lastly, it’s important for the father to maintain adequate levels of employment. It may be a difficult time in a person’s life, going through divorce and custody issues, but having and keeping a steady job can weigh heavily when the court decides on custody issues.

This type of advice offered by a father’s rights lawyer in Gilbert, AZ is invaluable. This type of advice can help a father facing custody issues to be able to be in their children’s lives more than they might have in the past. If you’d like to know more about what this type of lawyer can do for you, you may want to browse the website for more information.