If a person is denied worker’s compensation benefits by an employer, it is in his or her best interest to consult a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL to discuss the various legal options. The attorneys at local law firms can help injured workers get the benefits to which they are entitled. If an employee’s worker’s comp claim is denied, they can talk to an attorney to learn how to proceed. Below are a few things to know about appealing a claim denial.

Review the Preliminary Filing Strategy

A worker’s compensation claim may be denied because the employee waited too long to file. Another common reason for a denial is that the employer filed a dispute and the worker failed to provide enough evidence to support his or her claim. Clients can work with an attorney to determine the reason for the initial denial, and they can work to form an appeals strategy.

Filing a Denial Letter

If the claim is denied, the worker will get a denial letter that includes the option to file an appeal. The worker should make careful notes of appeals deadlines, and they should notify the employer of the initial claim’s denial. In some instances, denials are caused by clerical errors and paperwork mistakes. However, if the employer still refuses the claim even though everything is accurate, the worker can hire an attorney and file an appeal. For more information, click here.

Work With a Lawyer to File the Appeal

Although an employee can file the appeal without legal help, they may miss important details and crucial deadlines. Hiring a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL can increase the chance of the claim being accepted because the paperwork and documentation will be correct. When clients have lawyers in their corner, there’s less chance that the claim will be denied on a technicality.

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