Filing a Lawsuit for Senior Accidents with an Accident Attorney in Bowie

In Maryland, elderly seniors are often placed under the care of nursing homes when their family cannot provide adequate care for them. The nursing staff is trained in providing proper care for geriatric patients and understands how to mitigate risks when managing each case. Common risks include hazards that lead to falls and broken bones. An accident attorney in Bowie helps families after their senior loved one is injured due to unsafe conditions in the facilities.

Identifying the Hazard

In a nursing home environment, hazards are likely to occur at any time. Patients are allowed to enter specific areas of the facility on their own. It is the responsibility of the staff to keep common rooms and dining areas free of potential risks. In these areas, spills are more likely to happen and create a hazard that could lead to sudden falls. If the staff fails to keep all areas clean and prevent slip and fall injuries, the facility is liable for the medical costs the senior patient incurs.

Deliberate Acts of Violence

In civil court, families of senior patients who sustain serious injuries due to unethical or criminal actions can file a personal injury claim against the facility and its administrators. The legal claim holds the facility accountable for a failure to protect the senior patient and offer a safer living environment. If the family wins the case, the court orders the facility to provide a financial award for any financial losses the senior or the family incurred due to the nursing facility’s liability.

The senior patient or their family also has the option to contact the authorities and press formal criminal charges against a specific worker accused of harming the senior. The cases are managed in the criminal court, but the outcome could affect a civil case if the family receives substantial restitution through the criminal case.

In Maryland, senior injuries are often due to hazards found in nursing homes. After a senior sustains any injury at the facility, the administrator is required by law to contact the family. The cause of the accident could result in a lawsuit if it is based on a failure to provide care to the patient. Family members who need assistance can contact an accident attorney in Bowie through the Jaklitsch Law Group right now.