FAQs Workers Compensation Attorneys In Luzerne County, PA Could Answer

In Pennsylvania, the Workers Compensation Act outlines how injured workers are covered under the insurance policies. The laws determine how employers file claims and which employees are eligible for monetary and ongoing medical benefits. Workers Compensation Attorneys in Luzerne County PA could provide answers to frequently asked questions about the coverage.

Are Part-Time and Seasonal Workers Entitled to Benefits?

Yes, employers must cover all workers under their worker’s compensation policies. It doesn’t matter if the employee is part or full-time. The policy provides coverage for all work-related accidents that cause injuries.

What Company Policies Impose Restrictions on Worker’s Compensation?

All employers are required to create and implement workplace safety policies. All employees must receive a copy of all policies. Any employee that doesn’t comply with company safety policies won’t receive any worker’s compensation benefits. Additionally, all workers who are injured are required to undergo drug and alcohol screenings when medical treatment is provided.

Does the Length of Time the Workers Has Been Employed Affect Their Benefits?

The total value of replacement wages is lower for employees who haven’t worked for the company for at least one year. However, the severity of their injuries determines if they are eligible for monetary benefits. Whenever possible, the employer must try to provide some form of light-duty work for the injured employee. If light-duty work is available, the monetary benefits are limited.

What Type of Injuries aren’t Covered?

Any injury that was a direct violation of company safety policies or was self-inflicted isn’t covered. Any injuries linked to a criminal offense whether or not it was on company property is not eligible for coverage. Injuries that result from drug or alcohol use on the job aren’t eligible for any benefits and lead to termination of the worker.

In Pennsylvania, worker’s compensation insurance is required for all employers with more than one worker. The insurance pays for medical expenses for any worker who sustains an injury on the job. The company safety policies define the requirements for all workers. Injured employees who need to hire Workers Compensation Attorneys in Luzerne County PA visit domain URL and set up an appointment right now. You can also visit them on Google My Business.