Drunk Driving Attorneys in Mesa, AZ, Speak Up for Their Clients

People can get into trouble with the law in one instant. One moment, everything is fine, and the next moment a police car is behind them with lights flashing. Whether it’s a family’s son who has had a few beers, or a husband that stopped at a local bar for a few beers, their lives may never be the same. Consider what will happen if they’re arrested and convicted of a DUI and they end up in jail? What started out as a night of enjoyment with friends is now something that makes them feel humiliated, and as though they’re a bad person.

These are the types of cases that drunk driving attorneys in Mesa, AZ, have been handling for Mesa residents for years. It takes an attorney to check and see if the police reports are correct, and to gather information relating to the client’s case.

To find out more, browse the website of the law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C., who is a local attorney that takes pride in assisting families when an unfortunate legal issue crops up. If a beloved family member has gotten into trouble with the law, they need someone who’s not afraid to speak up and find out exactly what happened.

It’s very important to keep someone out of jail, and this issue out of their permanent record. Attorneys know how to present their case before a judge to receive a better outcome for their client. This is what drunk driving attorneys in Mesa, AZ, do to ensure their client is treated fairly by the judicial system.

They look at each client with respect and understanding. They take the time to review all documents obtained from the arresting officer and the police department. They know their client’s future is in their hands.

These attorneys in Mesa also work with families getting a divorce, who have young children that will have to be placed in the custody of one parent or the other, grandparents’ or foster care. Every court understands that the way children are cared for now will affect their upbringing. No attorney wants to see young ones back in court in the future, due to drunk driving.