Don’t Live in Fear When a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Temecula Can Help

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Lawyer

Getting out of an abusive relationship is important to the victim’s mental and physical health. Domestic violence is when someone is being abused physically or mentally by threats from someone they’re related to or had an intimate relationship with. If someone is being abused by someone that’s closely related by blood or marriage, this is also considered domestic violence. This type of abuse can go on for years and usually escalates when the abused individual attempts to leave the relationship. A domestic violence lawyer in Temecula can help an abused individual file the necessary legal paperwork with the court to stop the abuse and keep the abuser from contacting them, being within a certain distance or contacting them.

Domestic violence abuse is:

  *    Sexual assault

  *    Intentionally or recklessly physically hurting or trying to hurt someone

  *    Threatening someone that makes them reasonably afraid that they will be seriously hurt

  *    Stalking, harassing, threatening, hitting, and disturbing someone’s peace

  *    Destroying someone’s personal property

Hitting another person is not the only form of abuse. It can be pushing, pulling hair, scaring someone, kicking, shoving and keeping someone from freely traveling or going somewhere. Physical abuse of family pets can also be considered domestic violence. Domestic violence can be verbal, emotional or psychological. Various tactics are used by an abuser to control and intimidate their victims. A domestic violence lawyer in Temecula will help a victim get a restraining order to protect them from abuse or threats of abuse. A restraining order can be asked for if a person has abused or threatened someone. They must have a close relationship with that person. If a parent or child is being abused, a restraining order can be filed on their behalf and other members living in the household.

A restraining order can keep the abuser from contacting you or your relatives and away from your home, work or children’s schools. It can force the abuser out of your house and restrict them from owning a gun. It can establish child custody and visitation orders, make them pay child support and certain bills and restrict them from any further abuse. The law office of Michelle Penna understands the pain domestic violence can cause in someone’s life and will walk with you through every step of the process. Please feel free to browse the website to learn about how a restraining order can help.

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