Do You Need to See a Criminal Lawyer in Emporia, KS for Money Laundering?

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Lawyers

Money laundering covers the transfer of money from a criminal activity into a legitimate business to hide the origin of the funds. Therefore, the money may come from a white collar offense, organized crime, or a drug transaction.

Proving a Case of Money Laundering

In order to prove that money was laundered or “cleaned,” the state must demonstrate that the charged person expected to get the money back. The defendant cannot simply receive illegal proceeds to prove a case of money laundering. Intent, in this instance, is important for a criminal lawyer in Emporia, KS to refute.

What a Defense Attorney Must Show

If you receive money for an illegal activity and invest it in a business that is considered legitimate, you can be convicted of money laundering. Therefore, it is up to a criminal lawyer to show that you did not have this action in mind.

A Federal Court Matter

Money laundering is frequently included as an ancillary crime in federal cases that involve illegal drugs. Therefore, money laundering as well as other white-collar crimes are frequently prosecuted in a federal court. In order to build an effective and supportive defense, a criminal lawyer must scrutinize a large amount of evidence. He or she pursues this course to see if the prosecutor’s claim can be proved or disproved.

Take Action Immediately

The prosecutor must show that the accused intended and expected to get the illegal money back and that it was “cleaned” as the result of channeling it through a legitimate business. Therefore, if you have been charged with money laundering, you need to speak to a lawyer who understands how to defend this type of charge. Take action immediately so a defense can be strategized for your case.

Who to Contact Online

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