Did Your Child Suffer a Brain Injury? Get Help From a Brain Injury Lawyer in Green Bay, WI

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Lawyer

Brain injuries run the gamut from mild to requiring lifelong care in a medical facility. Brain injuries to children must always be taken very seriously. One child will recover while the other is left permanently disabled. The tremendous costs of long-term care can make it advisable to seek help from a Brain Injury Lawyer in Green Bay WI.

Results of a Recent Study are Enlightening

Recently, researchers from Cincinnati Children’s shed some light on the long-term effects of a TBI or traumatic brain injury on a child. They examined how the children were doing seven years after the injury. They found:

• Children who suffered mild to moderate brain injuries were twice as likely to develop ADHD and other attention problems.

• Children who were severely injured were five times as likely to have ADHD.

The Family Plays a Significant Role In the Outcome

It’s not surprising that the family is important to the child’s recovery, but the extent to which this is true is remarkable.

• The nature of the home environment and parenting are extremely important for recovery.

• Researchers found that children with severe TBI did very well and showed few effects of their injuries in an optimal home environment.

• Children with milder injuries developed chronic problems in a chaotic or disadvantaged home.

• Promoting an effective parental response as early as possible seems very important for the child’s long-term recovery. Early intervention to teach effective parenting in these circumstances would be advisable.

• Some skills were more greatly effected long-term including the child’s ability to function socially, the speed at which the child processed information, reasoning, and inhibitions.

• Many children have a good long-term prognosis after a brain injury.

• Most children do not experience all possible symptoms of a brain injury.

It’s still unclear about how to predict the effects of genetics and environment when a child has a significant brain injury. However, answers to some of the questions that parents worry about are being discovered. While it’s impossible to predict just how any child will be doing ten years after the injury, it’s clear that the parents’ influence and ability to provide a good environment are crucial.

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