Creating a Viable Injury Claim with an Accident Lawyer in Madison, VA

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Lawyer

Virginia drivers must follow all traffic laws to prevent avoidable accidents. When these drivers fail to comply with these laws, they could face criminal penalties as well as civil litigation. These laws also apply to insurance requirements that could reduce these probabilities. An accident lawyer in Madison, VA provides assistance for victims of these non-compliant drivers.

Starting with the Accident Report

The first step of accident litigation is to evaluate the accident report, which must provide conclusive information about the accident. It should identify the accountable party clearly without question, and present details about how the accident occurred. To support this report thoroughly, the officer who created the report should testify to validate the report.

Were There Witnesses on the Scene?

The accident report may include the names of witnesses who saw the accident. If this information isn’t available, the attorney may acquire these names from the officer. If possible, these witness could testify about the events leading to the accident, which could provide additional support for the personal injury claim.

Reviewing Medical Evidence

Medical evidence should show that the accident was the exact cause for the victim’s injuries. The doctor that provided treatment may be asked to testify to explain the impact of these injuries on their patient’s life. Additional medical testimony is needed if a fatality occurred. The testimony is needed to reveal the outcome of the autopsy performed by the local medical examiner.

The Three-Year Window

In the state of Virginia, all personal injury claims must be filed before three years have passed. This is the full duration of the statute of limitation and begins on the exact date of the accident. Any claim that isn’t filed before this date is valid and won’t be heard in court.

Virginia drivers are accountable for their actions; when these actions result in the injuries of others, they must face the court through a personal injury claim. It is through these cases that victims receive monetary awards to cover associated expenses. After these events occur, victim should hire an accident lawyer in Madison, VA by visiting for additional information.

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