What to Do After a Car Accident – and Before You Call Your Lawyer

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

An automobile accident can leave victims shocked, confused, and frustrated as they attempt to navigate the aftermath. If you’re wondering what to do from the time the accident occurs to the time you contact your car accident attorney, here is a quick play-by-play to help you through it all:

Collect Witness Information

As soon as the accident happens, collect information from those involved and anyone who bore witness to the collision. This will benefit your legal defense later, if necessary.

Go to the Doctor

Most people don’t believe that they need medical attention right away after an accident and go on to have lingering pain or other issues that could have been prevented if they had sought attention more promptly. Go get the evaluation you need and be sure to ask for documentation.

Take Photos and Ask for an Estimate

Collect photos of the damage to your own vehicles and any others affected if possible. Take these photos or your vehicle to a local car shop and ask for an estimate for repairing your vehicle. If you are seeking damages in court, this will help you set your goal for recovering costs.

Order Your Copy of the Police Report

You’ll need to know what the police report says, so that you and your legal team can contend it if the information is inaccurate. Ask the attending officer or contact your city government to find out how to secure your copy.

Ensure that You Want Legal Assistance

Not every car accident requires legal help afterward. It’s also true that calling for legal counsel will require you to pay a portion of your overall award to your legal team. However, navigating the legal system when you’re already stressed, in pain, or dealing with property losses can be difficult. You owe it to yourself to contact your Fort Lauderdale area legal practice and ask for the help of a car accident attorney. You’ll get the best possible results with the least amount of stress – a win-win, regardless of the case’s outcome.

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