What Can Real Estate Attorney In St. Charles, MO Do?

In Missouri, property owners who will need legal assistance to help them manage specific life events and circumstances. These circumstances could be related to the sale of their property or issues that arise with neighbors. These owners may also require help when they are creating an estate plan. The following is information about what a Real Estate Attorney in St. Charles MO can do to help.

Mitigate Risks During Real Estate Transactions

The owner may need an attorney to mitigate common risks associated with selling a property. These risks could equate to fraudulent investors who want to purchase the property through unethical means. Risks could also exist within mortgage loan contracts that were provided to buyers who can’t afford the property.

Manage Property Disputes

The most common property disputes are related to property lines. Typically, when a property owner wants to build on their property, they may face disputes with neighbors. These constructions include retaining walls and fences. If a dispute arises, the property owner could acquire assistance through an attorney. A surveyor could be acquired to define the property lines and end the dispute.

Transferring Ownership of Property

A property owner who is creating an estate plan may wish to transfer ownership of their property early. A real estate attorney can help them transfer the property properly. This removes the property from the estate and protects it from the probate process.

Setting Up a Power of Attorney for a Property Owner

A real estate owner can help a property owner manage their estate when they are facing a serious illness. Property owners who are diagnosed with cancer or Alzheimer’s disease need to set up a power of attorney for their family. This authority allows their family to manage their property and assets when they can’t.

In Missouri, property owners need legal assistance when facing certain circumstances. These circumstances could relate to a transfer of ownership, property disputes, and issues that could arise during a property sale. These conditions may require an attorney to lower common risks for the owner. Property owners who need assistance from a Real Estate Attorney in St. Charles MO can get more information here today.