Single-car accidents are those involving just one vehicle. Determining fault in a multicar accident usually depends on one party’s negligence during or before an accident. However, in single-car accidents, fault determination becomes more complex.

How Single-Vehicle Accidents Happen

Single-car accidents can happen when a car overturns without striking (or being struck by) another vehicle. Some incidents occur when a vehicle runs off of the shoulder of the road or when a car goes out of control without hitting something. Cars that collide with stationary objects, those that hit animals and those involved in pedestrian strikes are considered to be in single-car accidents.

When is a Driver Not Responsible for a Single-Car Crash?

Every motorist has the duty to keep other drivers and pedestrians safe while obeying traffic laws. In some instances, a driver may not be held liable because the accident did not involve anyone else or because it involved a mechanical failure or bad roads. A Car Accident Attorney in Hollywood FL can tell a client whether such circumstances can protect them from liability.

Fault in Pedestrian-Related Single-Car Accidents

Crashes with pedestrians involve fault, which depends on negligence in much the same way as in a multicar accident. Drivers aren’t automatically responsible for striking pedestrians, meaning the person must prove the following elements to have a case.

*    The driver owed the pedestrian a duty

*    The duty was violated

*    The violation caused the accident

*    The accident caused the plaintiff’s property damage and injuries

Filing an Insurance Claim

A driver’s ability to make a claim on a single-car accident depends on their coverage. Liability insurance pays for bodily injury and property damage sustained by the insured while no-fault coverage pays for damages caused to someone else. Collision insurance pays for damages due to a collision with another vehicle or a stationary object, and comprehensive insurance pays the insured’s damages.

Does a Driver Need a Lawyer’s Help After a Single-Car Accident?

Whether a person is trying to make a recovery, or they’re being sued for an accident, they should consult a P.A. as soon as possible. A Car Accident Attorney in Hollywood FL with the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. can help clients handle their cases, assist with pre-settlement negotiations and assemble the necessary documents for a court trial.