Brain Injury Types 101

Accidents can happen any time. Knowing the different types of brain injuries can help you prepare for what’s ahead in case this happens to a loved one. So what are the head injury types and severity? Here goes:

Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury

The Mayo Clinic says traumatic brain injury or TBI happens when an external mechanical force causes dysfunction and abnormalities in the brain and it’s higher functions. This is usually a result of a violent blow to the head or body.

Acquired Brain Injury or ABI is a type of injury acquired after birth. It’s not hereditary or congenital or degenerative. Nor is it a result of birth trauma. But it can be a result of a stroke and is often closely associated with brain pressure.

Closed Head injuries

  • Concussion. A concussion or swelling in the brain is the most common type of head injury there is. It could take a few months for a concussion to heal. In extreme cases, though, it could take years, especially if there’s considerable trauma involved.
  • Diffuse injuries. Often results in changes throughout the brain, this type of injury is often hard to diagnose and can lead to damaged nerve fibers and brain damage.
  • Mass lesions. This refers to localized injuries such as blood clots and contusions (bruising and bleeding in the brain).

Open Head Injury

  • Penetrating injuries. Happens when a foreign object penetrates through the skull and commonly results from car accidents as well as gunshots.
  • Skull fractures. Major ones can cause brain damage.

Getting Help

If you or your loved one sustain brain injuries from an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you’ve got a right to compensation. Hire a brain injury lawyer to help you file a lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve to cover your medical and treatment costs. Reach out to us at Brain Injury Counsel for more details.