When a person is the victim of domestic abuse, it will throw their entire world into chaos and will cause them to fear for the safety of themselves and their family. While the first call a person makes after an incident should be to the police, after a person is safe, they should reach out to an attorney that handles cases involving Domestic Violence in Mankato MN. A legal professional will work with an injured person to secure the safety of their family and will hold those responsible for the abuse accountable for their actions.

Custody Issues

When children are involved, it only makes the circumstances surrounding a domestic abuse case even more stressful. An attorney will appeal to a court for a temporary restraining order that will forbid the accused of being near any children. They may also petition a court for full custody and prove to a judge that a parent is deemed unfit and that allowing them access to a child is a safety and wellness concern.

Safety and Security

Individuals that are the victim of Domestic Violence in Mankato MN fear for their life, and often have nowhere to turn where they feel protected from the threats of their spouse. An attorney will help a person locate a safe place to live and use a variety of legal remedies that make it illegal for the accused to contact the victim. Don’t worry that a threat is imminent when the legal system is designed to offer comfort and peace.

Court Representation

A case involving domestic abuse will likely go to court. After reviewing the facts surrounding a situation, a judge will determine if any restraining orders or custody restrictions should be made permanent. An attorney will speak on behalf of their client and will help ensure the most favorable outcome possible.

Don’t let threats and physical violence lead to fear, and in some cases, death. If a spouse is threatening or committing physical violence, contact Blatz Law Office Ltd as quickly as possible. Visit Blatzlawminnesota.com to learn more about the options available for victims of abuse, and take the first step in gaining peace of mind.

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