A Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Norwich, CT Discusses Things to Avoid to Keep a Case Strong

Anyone can slip and fall anywhere. Although many incidents are not serious, certain situations can cause serious harm. If someone got hurt on someone else’s property, a slip and fall accident attorney in Norwich, CT would help them recover compensation for damages as long as nothing is done to jeopardize the case along the way. There are a few things the injured party should avoid following a fall to keep things moving in the right direction.

Don’t Postpone Medical Treatment

A person’s health should be their priority. No matter where they need to be later that day or if they are worried about taking time off work to see a physician, getting checked out as soon as possible after an injury is very important. This will ensure that they get the necessary care, and also prevent the other party from arguing that putting off treatment just made the injury worse and the injured person is partially to blame.

Failing to Report the Incident

It is very important to report any incident immediately. If the fall takes place in a retail establishment or a hotel lobby, ask to speak to the manager on duty. They will have procedures and paperwork in place to properly document and report the fall. If it happens at an apartment complex, report it to the landlord right away. When people fail to report an incident like this promptly, it just opens up the opportunity for the opposing party to question the validity of the claim. Also, whatever the person fell on will more than likely be gone or no longer be an issue if the person waits.

Forgetting to Document the Injuries

Taking the time to go straight to a doctor’s office or urgent care as soon as the incident will ensure that the medical records contain the evidence of the damages. It doesn’t stop here though. The injured party needs to keep documentation and photographs of their progress. Taking the time to do this each day will support how this is affecting everyday life.

If you or a family member was hurt because of someone else’s negligence on their property, a slip and fall accident attorney in Norwich, CT can help to secure the compensation deserved. Stephen M. Reck will prevent clients from making critical mistakes in the process that might hurt their case later. Learn more by visiting our website and schedule a consultation today.