Although many people think nothing of tossing an empty cigarette pack onto the street or an empty plastic bottle onto a grassy area. Yet littering is illegal and punishable by fines. Some acts of littering are misdemeanors and others may even be charged as a felony. A person charged with felony littering is at risk of being incarcerated if found guilty. This defendant needs an experienced criminal law attorney in West Monroe, LA, to prevent the worst consequences.

Extreme Cases

The types of littering that qualify as felonies are extreme cases. For instance, unloading a pile of broken, excavated pieces of pavement into a ditch or ravine can lead to felony charges. The cleanup required for this kind of activity is expensive.

A second offense of misdemeanor littering, such as dumping used syringes, also could be converted to a felony charge.


How does this person get caught? Someone may have secretly filmed the person unloading the trash. In other cases, the evidence is not so incriminating, but still could be enough to convince a jury. Inadvertently leaving a purchase receipt with an identifying debit card number with the dumped material is an example.

Reduced Charges

If the evidence is relatively solid against the defendant, a criminal law attorney in West Monroe, LA, may approach the district attorney with a request to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. If that lawyer agrees, this arrangement is known as a plea bargain. The defendant is guilty of misdemeanor littering but avoids a felony conviction.

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