5 Reasons to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer Greeley CO

When someone is injured on the job, they expect to receive worker’s compensation benefits. These benefits replace a portion of the wages they would have earned on the job and provide for their medical costs as they recover. Unfortunately, workers compensation benefits are not given to all workers. Sometimes, workers are denied their benefits and end up needing the help of a Workers Compensation Lawyer Greeley CO. Knowing the reasons for hiring a lawyer will help individuals to make the right choice for their legal needs.

5 Reasons Individuals Should Hire a Lawyer

There is a multitude of reasons injured workers should hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer Greeley CO. A lawyer can make a big difference in helping an injured worker proceed with their injury claim. The following offers some important reasons for seeking legal help for a workplace injury.

  • An employer is likely going to have lawyers working on their side, so why should an injured worker be without legal representation? Having a lawyer working on their side will protect the rights of the injured worker and ensure they get a fair outcome.
  • Sometimes, employers attempt to fire injured workers, but this is against the law. The lawyer will work to ensure their client’s job is protected and they are able to return to work once they are released by their doctor.
  • A lawyer will work to make sure the medical bills of their client get paid. The lawyer will also negotiate for short-term disability coverage if it becomes necessary due to a lengthy absence from work.
  • Losing wages is stressful for injured workers. When someone is unable to work because of a workplace injury, they are entitled to wage replacement. The lawyer will negotiate with the employer and insurance company to ensure their client is paid what they are owed.
  • Another reason for hiring a lawyer is the peace of mind. It can be stressful going up against an employer and their insurance company. The lawyer will negotiate on behalf of their client and work towards a fair outcome.

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