5 Mistakes You Make When You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Hiring a lawyer for your personal injury case? Here are top five mistakes you’ll want to avoid at all costs:

Getting one too late

Putting off hiring legal help? By the time symptoms show up and you have a growing pile of medical bills, it’s too late. And since these cases are time-consuming, if you wait too long, the statutes of limitations could run out and you won’t be able to file for a claim anymore.

Hiring the friend of a friend

Getting someone on the say-so on a friend or relative isn’t a good way to find the best personal injury attorney for your case, says the Entrepreneur. You could even end up with a general practitioner. If you want a lawyer with long-term experience and the right specialization, look for one yourself. The research time might take you awhile but the results you’ll get from hiring the right lawyer will more than make up for it.

Going with bigger companies

Bigger really isn’t always better. If the law firm is too big, you might find your case bumped aside when a more important client comes along. If you think your lawyer doesn’t seem to be giving your case the time and attention it needs, it might be time you walked out of that office and looked for another one.

Not looking around

Don’t hire the first lawyer you see. There are plenty of lawyers out there. It’s foolish to limit your options to the first 3 you found. Look around and make a list of all the potential options you found. Compare their services and rates. This should help you find best personal injury attorney in terms of rates and services offered.

Not trusting your gut

Trust your instincts. If your lawyer makes you uncomfortable in any way, then take steps to end the relationship and hire someone else.

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