No one wants to hire a divorce lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, but there are times when it is necessary to get that type of professional help. Often, it’s better to at least consult a divorce attorney in advance than to put it off for too long and take risks with your future. Here are a few occasions when you should talk with this type of attorney.

Your Spouse Has a Lawyer

If you suspect that your spouse has been consulting a divorce attorney, or you think they may be considering a divorce, you should seek out legal help. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will hire an attorney. Scheduling a one-time consultation will help you explore your situation and gain legal insight into how best to handle it.

You’re Going Through Mediation

Even though you and your spouse have chosen a less adversarial process, such as mediation, you should still hire an attorney. Your lawyer will help you ensure any terms discussed are fair to you. They can also assist with the paperwork involved in processing a mediated divorce settlement.

You’re Seeking Custody or Support Changes

Even if you’re already divorced, there are situations in which you will still want to consult a divorce lawyer in Jacksonville, FL. Specifically, if either you or your spouse want to change child custody arrangements or alter support payments, working with a lawyer will help you get a more favorable outcome. Changing these terms aren’t easy, but a lawyer can offer a compelling argument for changing child custody and support terms.

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