3 Circumstances When You’re Better Off Hiring an Attorney in Junction City, KS

When many people think of hiring a lawyer, they’re put off by the thought of a hefty fee and assume they can’t afford it. Also, they may have little experience with the law aside from what they see on TV, so they’re not sure how to find an attorney they can trust. Consequently, they make the mistake of attempting to deal with complex legal matters on their own and suffer the consequences. The following are three occasions when it would be a good idea to hire an attorney in Junction City, KS.

You Are Fighting a Traffic Citation

It may not seem worthwhile to pay a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket, but commercial drivers should always consider it since a traffic ticket puts their livelihood at risk. Teenage and elderly drivers also run the risk of a significant increase in insurance premiums if they are found guilty of a traffic violation. Moreover, anyone who is facing DUI or reckless driving charges could lose their license. These risks tend to balance out the attorney’s fee, which is typically a flat, one-time rate.

You Are Getting Divorced

Even in the most amicable divorce, it’s important to have the terms described clearly in legal language that cannot be easily disputed later on. In cases where there is disagreement over child custody arrangements or property distribution, an attorney can help negotiate the best resolution for the client and lock it down in a contract. The most important reasons to hire a lawyer for a divorce are when a couple shares debt and when a child has special needs.

You Have Been Charged with a Crime

In many cases, the court will appoint a public defender if the accused request it and can prove financial need. However, public defenders tend to be overworked and underpaid. With heavy case loads, they may not be able to devote a great deal of attention to an individual case. A private attorney will be in a better position to spend time on a case, fight for a defendant’s rights, and secure his or her freedom.

Most attorneys offer a free consultation to help potential clients determine whether they really need a one. To learn more about an attorney in Junction City, KS, visit the website of Oleen Law Firm.