How an Accident Attorney in Azle TX Can Help After a Hit and Run

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Lawyers

Hit and run incidents can be very traumatic, and they can create numerous problems if the at-fault driver can’t be found. A hit and run victim should consult an attorney immediately, to protect their interests and their right to compensation. Below are a few ways an injury lawyer can help.

Proving a Known Driver’s Liability

Some hit and run drivers are caught soon afterward, and they typically face criminal charges. However, a victim will have to prove liability in a civil case, even if the at-fault party is criminally charged. Documenting liability is a highly specific process, and a lawyer’s knowledge can be invaluable.

Gathering Supporting Documentation

To prove liability in a hit and run incident, a victim must provide evidence of his or her injuries. A victim’s idea of evidence is vastly different from that of a judge or insurance representative, and a skilled lawyer will know which evidence can support a case’s facts and the victim’s claims. With an attorney’s help, a victim can prove how severe his or her injuries are, and how they affect daily life.

Meeting Court Deadlines and Responding to Communications

If a person is in a hit and run, they may face a lengthy recovery. In some cases, a person is left temporarily or permanently disabled, which can make it hard to do the work necessary to build a claim. An Accident Attorney in Azle Tx can handle insurance letters, respond to motions and file documents on time.

Stopping an Insurer’s Devious Tactics

Some hit and run victims never see the at-fault party again, which means that the only way they can get compensation is through that person’s insurer. An insurer may go to significant lengths to make it hard for a victim to gain compensation. However, an injury lawyer can stop an insurer’s deceptive tactics and protect the victim’s rights.

Seeking Various Forms of Damages

A hit and run case comes with varying forms of damages, and someone who lacks legal training may not know how to calculate them correctly. A lawyer can quantify a victim’s damages, which can include medical bills, lost wages and future treatments. In cases where a driver’s conduct was malicious, an attorney may be able to help a client get punitive damages.

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