What Will Be Accomplished at Your First Meeting with the Divorce Lawyers in Temecula?

When the need for divorce arises, people often make mistakes in the process because they do not know the extreme importance of protecting their rights. Before a person even thinks of telling their spouse they want a divorce, it is crucial they meet with divorce lawyers in Temecula first. The divorce lawyer can help guide a person in making the decisions they have to make to proceed with their divorce. With this information, a person can be properly prepared for their appointment.

Those about to meet for the first time with their divorce lawyers in Temecula should be prepared to provide substantial information and answer a variety of questions regarding the reasons for their divorce. The information a person supplies their lawyer with will help to formulate their divorce claim so it can be properly filed in court. The first decision the lawyer will help their client make is what grounds will be filed.

The grounds of a divorce are the reason why it is being pursued. Grounds can be fault or no-fault, depending on the state one is filing in. Should a person choose a fault reason, such as abuse or infidelity, they will be required to show proof to prove the grounds. No-fault reasons, such as irreconcilable differences, do not require any evidence. The lawyer will work with the client to make sure all of the correct paperwork is filed so the court hearing date can be scheduled.

In some divorces, a couple can come together and settle their differences fairly amicably. If they can work together and come to a settlement agreement, the judge will simply approve it. Once signed, it becomes legally binding by both parties and the divorce decree is given by the judge. Should the couple find it impossible to agree, the judge will work on making a decision for them.

If you are facing the end of your marriage, it is crucial you get legal help early in the process. For more information on pursuing a divorce, visit the website or contact the Law Office of Michelle Penna. She and her staff will help you through each step and decision to finalize your divorce.