Three Questions You Need To Ask Your Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death cases are arguably the most difficult personal injury torts to go through. Emotions are often running high in these cases, and family members are faced with the stress of making decisions to, hopefully, compensate them for their losses. Although winning a wrongful death claim will not bring their loved one back, it will certainly help to take care of the expenses that resulted and offer closure. There are three vital questions clients should ask their wrongful death lawyer near Long Branch.

  • One of the first things a person should ask is whether or not they have a viable wrongful death claim. Because injury lawyers typically work on contingency, they are generally unwilling to take on a case they do not feel will hold up in court. Contingency lawyers do not receive payment unless they win their claim. It is important the lawyer is able to explore significant evidence to ensure they will be able to offer assurance the case should be pursued.
  • Clients usually want to know how much their claim is worth before they begin the process. To determine the worth, the lawyer will take into consideration medical bills, loss of companionship and earning, funeral costs, and other losses to tally up a total. It normally takes time for the lawyer to fully determine the amount that will be pursued, but the lawyer can generally inform the client of the estimated amount at the consultation.
  • It is important a client asks the lawyer what their personal role will be in the claim’s process. In most cases, a client will not be involved in much of the process, once they have given information to their lawyer. They may be required to testify in depositions or in trial depending on how the case progresses. The lawyer should be able to advise their client of what will be expected of them.

There are many aspects to consider when pursuing a compensation claim for wrongful death. It is critical family members do not try to pursue a wrongful death claim without the help of a wrongful death lawyer near Long Branch.

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