Questions to Ask an Attorney in Albuquerque, NM

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Lawyers

When a client is ready to reclaim their life after falling victim to someone else’s negligence, consulting a personal injury attorney in Albuquerque, NM can help. To get the most out of an initial consultation and to determine whether to move forward, clients should ask these questions to each lawyer they interview.

Does the Firm Handle Similar Cases?

Not all lawyers handle all personal injury claim types, and it is important for clients to hire an attorney who has built and litigated similar cases. Even when an attorney handles cases in the same legal area, the client should ask if they’ve taken cases with similar circumstances, as each case type requires different skills and work.

How Successfully Does the Firm Resolve This Type of Case?

Clear answers are important here, and vague answers may indicate that the lawyer isn’t honest. Disingenuous behavior can be a warning sign that the victim can’t rely on the attorney to be clear and honest in other aspects of the case.

What Can Be Expected As Far As Case Updates Are Concerned?

Most cases take weeks, if not longer, to resolve. It’s important to choose a lawyer whose communication style and frequency match the client’s preferences. Clients should choose an attorney who is accessible and who communicates effectively and openly.

What Do Other Clients Say About the Attorney?

An attorney’s past clients can tell a new client a great deal about what to expect in terms of service and results. While lawyers can certainly tell clients that others would offer a glowing review, it’s important to ask for references and contact information. If an attorney in Albuquerque, NM is unwilling to provide references, it could mean that they have something to hide.

How Will the Case Start?

Depending on the nature of the case and the statute of limitations, some lawyers may put a case on hold. Delays can compound a victim’s financial difficulties; the longer work is delayed, the longer the victim must wait to get the payout they need. Determine wait times upfront, and consider going with Carter & Valle Law Firm if a particular one isn’t sure when they can start on the case.

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