Why It’s Important to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer in De Pere WI

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Lawyer

In many cases, the need for an attorney is readily apparent. However, when it comes to selling and buying homes, few people consider hiring legal counsel. Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer in De Pere WI can be beneficial for the reasons listed below, among many others.

Why Sellers and Buyers Should Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

Hiring an attorney during a real estate transaction can provide a buyer or seller with greater protection. Agents are qualified to offer advice on offers, inspections and other aspects of the transaction, but a real estate attorney knows how to protect the client. Lawyers can include language in an offer that protects the client if they choose not to finish the process.

Secondly, a real estate lawyer may know more about the state’s laws than a real estate agent would. Standard home sales are relatively straightforward, but other sales such as short sales and foreclosures can become complex because legislation is always changing. In any event, hiring a Real Estate Lawyer in De Pere WI can be helpful.

Lawyer vs. Real Estate Agent

Not only do attorneys know about legislation on real estate buying and selling, but they are equipped to deal with problems and disputes during the transaction. For instance, if a seller fails to pay the contractor for repairs required to pass an inspection, the lawyer may be able to achieve a workable solution for everyone involved.

Lastly, it is worthwhile to note that real estate attorneys do not accept commissions. However, most real estate agents do, where an attorney would charge an hourly fee. Because an attorney is paid to provide legal advice, it means that there’s no worry about bias.

Buying or selling a home can be a long and complicated process in some cases. If a buyer or seller wants to ensure that the transaction goes efficiently and smoothly, they should consider hiring a real estate attorney with visit us website rather than going through an agent. With a lawyer’s help, a client can protect their own rights and remain on an equal footing with the other party during any type of real estate transaction.

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