In Connecticut, pet owners mitigate common risks associated with their dogs by following leash laws and building outdoor enclosures. However, in some instances, it is still possible for the dog to leave the property. It is these circumstances that could lead to attack. The following are options that pertain to these cases that are identified by a Personal Injury Attorney in Storrs CT.

Ways to Report the Injuries

The victim has two ways to report their injuries. They can visit a medical center or hospital to acquire treatment for their injuries. After treatment, their doctor can contact the county animal control officer to report the attack. The victim can also contact animal control on their own to report a dangerous animal.

What can the Animal Control Officer Do?

The animal control officer can seize the animal. If they cannot access the animal themselves, they notify the pet owner of the attack. The pet owner must surrender the animal to a licensed vet for an assessment. The owner must provide records of all vaccinations for the rabies virus. If they don’t have vaccinations, the dog must enter quarantine for twelve days to ensure that it doesn’t have rabies.

When are the Pet Owners Accountable Immediately?

The pet owners are accountable immediately if the dog was reported for previous attacks. This allows a strict liability to come into play. They must provide the full cost of all medical treatment and provide additional funds for tort-based rulings. Typically, these rules apply to pain and suffering.

What Happens to the Animal?

The animal control officer makes a decision about the animal after the vet’s assessment. If the animal shows any signs of rabies, it is euthanized. If it shows any risk to the public, the officer may choose to euthanize the animal or relocate it.

In Connecticut, pet owners must mitigate risks associated with their dogs. A failure to comply leads to a lawsuit for dog-related injuries. However, the victim must prove that they have a legal right to be present at the property. Victims of these injuries contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Storrs CT at Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP today.