How A Dog Bite Lawyer In Peoria, AZ Helps Victims

In Arizona, all dog owners must follow precautions to prevent their dog from biting humans. These measures may include placing the dog inside an enclosed area while they are outside. They can also involve the use of leashes or kennels when the pet owner isn’t home. The following information presents ways in which a Dog Bite Lawyer in Peoria AZ can help victims.

Filing an Attack Report Through a Medical Facility

The victim’s injuries must be assessed by a doctor. As treatment is provided, medical records are generated. An attorney can acquire these records to support the dog attack case. Additionally, the doctor is under a legal obligation to report the dog attack to the county animal control officer.

Quarantine and Full Assessment Requirements

The animal control officer must issue a notice to the dog owner about the attack. This notice will require them to provide vaccination records to the animal control officer. Additionally, in these cases, the officer will also direct the owner about quarantine procedures. This requires the owner to bring the dog to a licensed vet for quarantine. The standard for these assessments is 12 days. This is the duration of time needed for a dog to exhibit signs of rabies.

How Do Strict Liabilities Work?

A strict liability indicates that the pet owner was aware of any aggressive behavior and failed to take action. Under these circumstances, the dog was involved in a previous attack against a human. If this liability is proven, the dog owner must pay for the full medical costs of the victim and provide compensation for pain and suffering.

What Could Discredit the Case?

Any criminal act performed by the victim associated with the dog attack could dismiss their case. The most common crimes are trespassing, home invasion, and cruelty to an animal. If proven, the victim will not receive any compensation for their injuries.

In Arizona, dog owners follow laws that apply to lowering the risk of a dog attack. These cases involve service providers, state employees, and any individual who was invited on or inside the property. Victims of these attacks can contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in Peoria AZ directly or Browse the site for more info.