A Personal Injury Law Firm in Norwich, CT Helps Clients Injured by Hornet Stings

A personal injury law firm in Norwich, CT handles many types of cases, including those involving vehicle collisions, slip-and-fall incidents and medical malpractice. Now and then something more unusual takes place, such as a person being seriously hurt by stinging hornets at someone else’s property. Whether or not an attorney will accept this type of case depends on various factors. A lawyer such as Stephen M. Reck offers free legal consultations, so a person dealing with this kind of situation should not hesitate to call for an appointment. Visit the website for contact information.

Even if someone is allergic to hornet stings, this person cannot normally file a lawsuit against a property owner just because they were stung there. Hornets are part of the natural environment and as such, may be found practically anywhere outdoors. However, if a nest of hornets was on this property and the owner ignored it, that might qualify as negligence. Property owners are expected to keep the land and the structures reasonably safe for anyone who comes there. Allowing a hornet’s nest to grow and lead to a large number of stinging insects flying around may be viewed as a legal liability. The property owner might state that they had no knowledge of the nest. A personal injury law firm in Norwich, CT seeks to establish that this individual should have known, which is a point of legal liability.

The situation may be seen as similar to a property owner ignoring the accumulation of ice near the front door. Someone could slip and fall there, and the homeowners insurance would typically be responsible for the person’s medical bills to resolve a bone fracture. The insurance would also be responsible for paying any lost wages due to the incident. The property owner might claim no knowledge of the icy area, but a judge would likely say the person should have known about it.

Multiple hornet stings may require treatment at an emergency room even when someone is not allergic. If a property owner has not taken steps to eliminate a nest and someone is hurt, this person or the insurance policy may be deemed financially responsible. Visit the website for more information.