4 Ways a Sex Crime Lawyer in Athens, TN Helps Defendants

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Lawyers

Most people likely would not consider calling a Sex Crime Lawyer in Athens TN until they’ve been arrested. However, there are numerous reasons why having a proven, skilled defense lawyer before an arrest is a wise move. Below are a few ways an attorney can help before a client is arrested.

Proactive Protection of Clients’ Rights

If a client has reason to believe the police will shortly question them concerning a sex crime, they should consult a local defense lawyer to learn how they can protect their rights during the interrogation phase. A defense attorney will use his or her knowledge of criminal law to help clients avoid self-incrimination and other mistakes commonly made in sexual assault investigations.

Building a Defense Early in the Process

It may take time to build a defense against sexual assault charges in Tennessee, and defendants should start the process as soon as possible. Consulting a knowledgeable and experienced defense lawyer immediately may be the advantage a client needs to successfully defend themselves against charges.

Ensuring the Defendant’s Story is Told

During criminal investigations, especially those concerning sexual offenses, police may reach conclusions that lead them straight to an arrest. However, it is also possible that law enforcement may submit investigative results to the state attorney in what is known as a pre-filing. Here, the defendant has no chance to tell their side of the story, but with the help of a defense attorney, doing so becomes possible.

Getting Charges Reduced or Dropped

If they become involved early enough, an effective Sex Crime Lawyer in Athens TN will find it easier to get charges reduced or even eliminated. By consulting an attorney as early as possible, clients get their questions answered, and they may provide enough information to get the charges dismissed.

Delays Can be Disastrous: Contact an Attorney Before the Arrest

If a person has any reason to believe they’re being considered as a suspect in a sex crime, it is important that they contact an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. Click here for more details or call the offices of Chancey-Kanavos today to schedule a no-obligation initial consultation.

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